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Informed consent is routinely required for participants in psychological studies. Please read the information below before deciding whether or not to participate in this study.

1. I understand that my participation is voluntary and that I am free to withdraw at any time without giving any reason.

2. I confirm that I have had the opportunity to consider the study information and understand the nature of the survey I will be asked to complete. I have had the opportunity to contact the researcher before taking part and any questions I have about the study have been satisfactorily answered.

3. I understand that the findings of this study may later be published or presented at meetings, however any individual responses I provide will not be personally identifiable to me. I give my permission for my data to be disseminated in this way.


4. I confirm that any responses I contribute can be retained confidentially and may be used in future research that has been approved by a Research Ethics Committee.


5. I understand that if I later wish my responses not to be used in the study, I will have 14 days after completing the survey to contact the researcher and request that my responses are not used in the study. After this period, it will not be possible to withdraw my data.

If you have read and understood the nature of this study and are willing to continue please tick the box below:

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